Thursday, April 28, 2011

All in a Days Joy

It was an emotional day. Tornadoes swept across the country including two in our area. The boys and I watched and waited to see if we should head to the basement. Praise the Lord, we did not have to. Finally, I could get my shower and then we headed out for our day's activities. After a false start, we ended up at my sister's house. We had such a wonderful time of fellowship with her and she seemed to really enjoy the goofiness of my guys. We finally headed back home for a lovely evening. While I was busy creating a yummy dinner, the boys were busy creating a game with their legos and dice. It sounded pretty complicated and they were having a blast. So nice that they can create fun without screen time.

Now I am enjoying a quiet night and reflecting on how great it is to be a homeschooling mom who can change plans on a dime and enjoy each and every moment with my boys. Yes there are times when I feel overwhelmed by the responsibility and yet even in those times, I am amazed at the joy that comes out of even a simple day.

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