Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sometimes We Just Have To Believe

It has been a difficult 24 hours, for many reasons. First there was the news about the Amish School and it's tragedy. Who can be a mom and not feel agony as the horror unfolded. Then I was checking in with a friend, whom I am collaborating with to create an event for school. She was having a bad day. She had to have a mole removed that was suspicious and of course all the fear was right there for her. She has three young boys and she ran through all the worse case senarios. As for me, I was feeling like a terrible mom because I had went shopping with my two boys and lets say it was not a positive experience. And by the time I got home, my boys were grounded to their rooms for life (okay, I am exaggerating, it was just until I got dinner ready). And I took my time. As I went off to sleep, I prayed for everyone. It was a day filled with sadness and yes hope.

And then the morning came. On the way to school we saw a rainbow. It was a sign to me that God is still in control, even in the midst of these trials. We don't see the big picture, just our little frame. He does and we have to trust that he has our best interest in mind. And yes, he is not picking on us, he is picking us up.