Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Parental Sayings by Andy Andrews - Just for Fun

Most of the time I try to be profound and insightful on my blog. Quite honestly I don't know whether I accomplish that. I don't even know if anyone reads my blogs. The truth is that I love to write, strive to improve and want to express myself.

Today I just wanted to share with you a smile. This video is one of the things that makes me smile. In fact anything that Andy Andrews does makes me smile. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. It maybe something you bookmark and keep handy when you need to have a "discussion" with your children. You may just want to play it for them each morning just to get it out of the way. I hope you enjoy it -- parental sayings by Andy Andrews!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Great Call . . . Thank You Audrey Cupo

There are times when you just know that you have go with the flow or roll with the punches as they say. Tonight was one of those nights. I had an interview scheduled with Audrey Cupo, a professional organizer from Bucks County, PA. My goal in the interview was to hopefully get a few tips about how to get organized specifically geared toward busy moms. We had all the details taken care of and then came the call. Guess what? No one could hear us, in fact they were in a magical holding space while we were happily doing the call. Only after we completed the call did I find out there were people waiting for us. So we then got back on the line and held the call again. Not a problem, it was our pleasure to do that for the listeners who hung in there.

Many lessons have been learned, and we are clearly not throwing the baby out with the bath water. The one thing that did work was the recording. So if you are interested in the recording of our call here it is: Audrey Cupo.

Also, in case you are looking for a way to get organized and stay organized check out Audrey's site in which she discusses her new program. Imagine being able to have an accountability partner, mentor and trainer all in one package. The best part of the program is that it does not require a lot of time. Further I cannot believe the price. It is great! Here is the information on her coaching program. Keep in mind she only has 40 spots left and spots are filling up fast, so if this is your year to Live an Organized Life check it out.

Thank you again Audrey for a great call. And thank you all for your patience as we worked through this whole process.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Exciting Free Call


Join other busy moms and learn how to:

• Follow a proven step-by-step method that will allow you to tackle and accomplish any project.

• Avoid last minute runs to the store for special occasions and be on time and prepared for every special event.

• Plan vacations and family time that will have them saying “Thanks Mom”!

• Make back-to-school a breeze by implementing a simple system that will work every year!

• Relax and enjoy the holiday season because you know the step-by-step process for everything from gift giving and decorating to large family dinners/parties to overnight guests.

This is a quarterly coaching program held over the phone and does not require a lot of commitment or time.

There are four group sessions (one in January, April, July and October 2010) which will last approximately 30 minutes each, all packed with great tips and step-by-step solutions to get and stay organized.

Each session will be recorded and be accessible to download so you can refer back to them as many times as you’d like and will include free downloadable documents to support each session for you to work with.

This is a great opportunity for all busy moms to start 2010 on the path to living a more organized life!

If you would like to join a group of motivated busy moms who want to learn how to pull it all together, sign up for the LIVING A MORE ORGANIZED LIFE coaching program TODAY!

*There are only 40 spots available. Don’t be one of those busy moms who misses out on this great opportunity!

Go to http://bit.ly/liaorganize


AUDREY CUPO is a full-time professional organizer and owner of “A BETTER SPACE”, based in Bucks County, PA. She specializes in residential organizing and focuses her business towards helping busy moms who face the day- to-day struggles of getting and staying organized.

All of us busy moms tend to be taxed to the point of exhaustion when it comes to keeping it all under control.

Audrey recognizes the needs of busy moms. Before becoming a professional organizer, she was a full-time legal secretary and paralegal working in several demanding personal injury law firms, wife and mother of a special needs child. Audrey knows how demanding the roll of busy mom can be. As a result, she has created a brand new coaching program geared strictly towards helping busy moms like you learn new systems for the various tasks you are responsible for.

All busy moms need some guidance and assistance to help them get through all the challenges of balancing motherhood with all their other responsibilities. That is exactly what this program offers. As a professional organizer, Audrey is trained to be able to show you systematic ways you never thought of to tackle those challenges.



GO TO http://bit.ly/liaorganize

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Time . . . a four letter word

I was looking for a quote for an e-lesson I was creating for my Business Marketing Gym members when I stumbled on this quote:

When someone is impatient and says, "I haven't got all day," I always wonder, How can that be? How can you not have all day? George Carlin

I could almost here George Carlin's sarcastic tone as I read it with a smile on my face. The truth is we all have the same amount of time, the question is how do we manage that time. I have said it before, there is no such thing as time management, that implies we can change, add or do something about time. No, that cannot be further from the truth. I do believe in "Behavior Management." That we can control. So my question to you as we start 2010, what behavior are you going to change for 2010 to get the most out of your time and life?