Monday, May 25, 2009

Time . . . How To Quantify

Recently I became painfully aware that there is a difference in the term time. There is quantity time and quality time and my question today is how do you quantify time? My youngest son, one of the joys of my life, is having impulse control issues; argh I hate labels. Well anyway, when I was talking to a friend about my issues and concerns she said maybe I need to spend more time with my son. To that I said, "I spend more time than most parents do, what did she mean?" Hence came the term quality time.

I will admit that I am not always present every moment I am with my boys. It is sad to say, that I have multi-tasked in their presence. Shame on me! I feel so blessed to become aware of this and to find this at a time when I can change my behavior. I can choose to be present. I can choose to focus. Here are some other ideas I have thought of to help me in this effort to be a better mom, not a super mom:

  • Get organized and plan the week in advance;
  • Do as much as I can when boys are at school or camp;
  • Get up earlier and get ready so I am not rushing when I am with them; and
  • Slow down so I can enjoy them.

I think my crock pot will become my best friend. If anyone reading this has any ideas on how to get organized and plan your day, I am open to suggestions. This does not come naturally to me. I will keep you posted.

Friday, May 22, 2009

There is a season . . .

If you have been following I have been trying to decide whether or not to home school or not. Currently my children go to a private school and after a long year I realized it was time for a change. Although in business I thrive on change, this change has been very difficult. I am still fighting a battle over the decision. I have come to one decision, that I am not ready for the home schooling option, at this time. So now I have to decide whether to stay or go.

I feel like I am living with one foot in and one foot out; very hard place to be. I am off to a meeting to gather more information that will help me with this process. Wish me luck. I will keep you posted.