Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Too many choices and not enough time

Today I finally did it. I made a call to a business associate who has been trying to get me to join his group. After saying no several times, he sweetened the pot enough that I had said yes and then as the first meeting date arrived, I realized it was going to be impossible. For me it meant a substantial time commitment of more than 6 hours a month. I know I would have benefited both financially and personally, but I could not squeeze another day out of my already full life. So I did it, I called. Ah, there it is done. I must say I am relieved, yet sad at the same time. But I had to make a choice.

I also read an article about women who have balance in their lives. Today was a good start towards achieving that for myself. I have turned down this opportunity. I have also started a new bible study which will be a weekly commitment. I know that does not make sense since I said I had no time, but I feel it is important to make time for that. It based on my priorities. Now as I look at my calendar I have realized that I have time for my clients, to grow my business, for my spiritual enrichment and for myself. It's a start. Now I just have to work the plan.