Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The tooth fairy is coming to our house for the first time!!!

Yes, Thomas lost his first tooth. I just knew it was going to be today. I remember worrying this morning "what if Tom swallows it by accident?" Quite frankly I could not see what was holding it in place. When I got home from my appointments, I was excited to get a message from Tom's teacher about how it happened. She was so excited and filled with joy as she described how and when it happened I could almost picture it happening. And you should have seen Tom telling anyone who slowed down near him. So tonight we placed the tooth under his pillow. As always, Thomas says, "Mom, I know dad is the Tooth Fairy." I just shrugged my shoulders and looked confused. He's too smart for his age. We enjoy pretending with him. And he knows it's pretend.