Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stop the train, I want to get off

Okay, we don't live in a big city with trains; I am speaking metaphorically. But sometimes you have to stop and regroup. Today was one of those days. The boys are busy with baseball. We are literally at the park every day. I have also been trying to get them their PE during the day as they need time to burn off some steam. On top of that we have school work and other schedules to keep. Today, I could see we hit the wall. I took a deep breath and made an executive, mommy decision - "stop the train!" I let David's coach know we could not make the game tonight, they did not go to their other activities. I fed them dinner early and sent them off to bed with books in hand. It is now 7:30 and they are quietly reading and almost asleep.

Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest Ashleigh Brilliant

Some might think this is an over reaction to a day filled with emotional outbursts. I see it as a day for my boys to just take a night off and rest. They are tired and need the rest. I can see it in their faces and in their behavior. I truly think we as parents need to be careful to not over schedule our guys and give them breathing room. We were doing fine until this week when between the two boys we had 6 games and two practices and no break. I am so glad that God has given me the wisdom to know when enough is enough. The truth is I really am appreciating a night off and with that I have time to update my blogs and do some other activities that have fallen to the sidelines.