Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Is It Me . . .

or is the world just getting a little crazy! Imagine taking your preschooler to get their hair cut. After some research in the cool magazines in the shop your son says "Mom, this is really cool, can I get this cut?" Keep in mind he's in preschool, not looking for a job. You say, "Sure, why not." After all it will grow back, right? Now picture your son feeling pretty cool about his new look. He's styling! He cannot wait to go to school and show all his buds. "You're the best mom!" is what you hear as you drop your child off at school. You would think the school would see the joy and the exuberance in his face and greet your son with the respect and jubilation due a preschooler. That was not the case for one young man. I am sharing a link to this story because there are times when you just have to wonder, have we gone too far. This boys was crushed by the response. Now his mom is left to pick up the pieces of a little boys moment of glory.

Read for yourself: Preschooler banned for trendy haircut