Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween - To Celebrate or Not, that was the Question

We decided, after doing some extensive research, to stop celebrating Halloween. We will not be trick or treating or giving out treats this year. Of course, this was a very unpopular decision at our house. However, my kids are great and after we explained our position they agreed, begrudgingly. Now we are still having a great weekend. I don't want my kids to think they are deprived. No we just want to honor our Lord and Savior.

So they were allowed to wear their cool animal costumes to school for their costume parade. We went to church on Saturday for a great day of fun and fellowship that was created as an alternative to Halloween. There was a circus and all kinds of other cool activities. And yes, lots of candy. Then we went to my friends house for a fall party where there was also good food, candy and friends. What more could you ask for? I say nothing.

On the night of trick or treat, we will be enjoying a great night with our boys that does not include trick or treating. By the time this is all over, they will feel special; they will have honored our God and gotten the candy they want. For us the point is to teach our children they can live in the world without being part of it. I am grateful for God and the way he reveal his wisdom and the ability to hear his words.