Thursday, May 03, 2007

When the kitchen gets too hot, put out the fire!

What does that mean? Let me put it this way, I woke up one day and found out that life was getting a little bit crazy, and I was no longer in control. Maybe I have never been in control. So once I realized that my business was taking over my life and my kids were getting left behind, I took a moment to regroup. Today, two weeks away from Mother's Day, I can safely say that I think it's all coming together.

  • I had a meeting with my biggest client and gracefully explained that I was not ready to take on so many hours, and I would be happy to help them find a replacement for me,
  • I started an new profit center in my business that will allow me to take care of my business and my family - check it out:,
  • I started carving out time for myself, yes me.

It is like a fog has lifted and a my burden is lightened. I am sleeping better. My kids are happier. My house is cleaner. And I am happier. What a great feeling. I am glad I listened to myself and my kids and reexamined my priorities. There will be lots of time to make money, but, I only have today to give to my boys.