Saturday, January 07, 2006

So now that the holidays are done . . .

now what?? It's hard to believe that what took 6 weeks to prepare for, is over in 24 hours. Getting the house ready, decorating, putting up a tree and lights, our trains, the cookies, the holiday concerts, all the parties and visits. And then on December 26th, It's all over. And now it takes time to get the house back in order to resume normal life. But that's ok with me. I enjoy the process.

As I reflect back on the last two months, I find myself smiling and enjoying the memories. Yes it was hectic, and it was joy-filled. And we made a special effort not to forget why we are celebrating and preparing. After all, it's all about the Jesus and his birth. My favorite part of the holiday was lighting candles on a cake on Christmas day and singing happy birthday to Jesus. It was a tangible way to remind my boys why we do what we do.