Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Juggling is not just for the Circus

Today I was preparing dinner, giving my son a pre-test for spelling, loading a dryer, setting the table and checking email. That was done all within two minutes of each other. I suddenly realized I had become a master juggler. Now honestly I think I am more suited for the clown antics, but in the meantime I might as well hone these skills. You never know when you are going to need them.

When I finally sat down to dinner, I found myself relaxed and ready to enjoy my few minutes with my family. In our house family dinners are sacred times. We try to eat together as often as possible. Right now that is about five nights a week. I think that is pretty good. They are always home cooked meals. When I realized that I was relaxed, I knew that I was in my groove. During the juggling time I don't know that I was feeling much of anything but the pure adrenaline of getting things done. But when I was spending time with my family, I was able to be present and enjoy.

I guess mastering the art of juggling is all right and it's even okay if I drop a ball or two. As long as I take time to enjoy the quite times.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Did you say November?

I had a seminar today that I was putting on. I went to pick up the food for the meeting and the nice lady at Subways said: "It's November 1." I looked up at her in complete confusion. How could it be November already? The boys just started back at school, right?

The older I get the faster time flies. I really try to enjoy my moments with the boys. It really did seem it was only yesterday when I was nursing them, and now there shoes are the same size as mine. When did that happen?

Take time to enjoy because in a flash it will be all a faded memory.