Thursday, August 31, 2006

How Do You Spell Relief . . . School!!!!

Yippee!! If you could hear me, you would hear the sounds of giggling and squealing with joy. Today as I drove to the school to drop off my boys, there was a great feeling of elation. The boys were so excited. They could not wait to see their friends. They hugged their teachers and got busy doing what they do best, have fun. I left feeling satisfied that they were in good hands and content. I then moved on to my next two appointments. Both went well. One actually went great. For a brief moment I was starting to feel that familiar feeling again, wholeness, competency. I know this sounds strange, but for me being part of something outside of me is important and what I do for a living really energizes me. As I sit with my clients I fill up with joy as I am able to help them. And then as I round up my boys, I am content to be with them. I actually had time to miss them. It was a great day.