Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Building Community at Lightning Speed

I just wanted to share with a recent revelation I shared with my clients. You see besides being a homeschooling mom, I am a marketing coach. I usually tell people I am a mom who has a business. They understand that my kids come first. When I started to seriously consider the homeschooling concept, I was skeptical and wanted some reassurance that I would not hurt my children in the process. I did what I do best, I went to my support group on the world wide web. I was surprised to see how many mom's are like me; they are entrepreneurs and homeschooling moms. I suddenly felt empowered and really researched it with a belief that I could do it.

Today is September 15th and I feel a "peace that surpasses all understanding." Honestly after only three weeks of serious homeschooling I am impressed. Here is what I think helped me take the leap: I prayed without ceasing, I got quiet and listened for answers (very hard for me to do) and then I started to reach out and ask for direction. It was not hard to do, I just logged onto Facebook and within minutes I had replies. I have great friends.

Within a month of opening this door I was fully involved and knew there was no turning back. The beauty is with the internet and the advent of social networking, you can have answers to any question within minutes.

If there is anything holding you back, follow the three steps I outlined above and get busy. Don't wait for all the stars to line up, line them up yourself. You can do it and you do not have to do it alone. I am sure there is someone out there to help you.