Monday, October 17, 2005

If it works, who cares

I read a great article today about working moms getting a night off (a ladies night out). What was different about this article was these moms have husbands who are stay-at-home dads. As they shared with each other they noted it is not always easy because not everyone understands their arrangement. Of course if they were stay-at-home moms and their husbands worked it would be a no-brainer. Let's face it we are not playing on a level playing field.

The truth is there are times when the husband might be the better choice. Also, sometimes that is a better option based on earning potential. What really matters is that it is working for these families. I always focus on the kids. For me selling my business and becoming a sales consultant/coach was hard but it was the best choice. I could have chosen to steam ahead and put my kids in day care. But then that would not have been the right choice for me. I am happy and content. For these families they know their kids are safe and their husbands are really involved. I think that is what matters.