Monday, September 24, 2007

I think I Can, I think I Can, I think I Can . . .

I have to admit I am exhausted. It was not a stellar day. It ended well, however, I had a moment where I just wanted to throw up my hands and just give up. There is nothing that gives me more joy than being a mom. And yet, there are times (like during homework) when I find myself wondering, what can I do different to help this be a more positive experience. Is it me? Or do other people experience the challenges of getting homework done without a battle? If you have experienced this and have conquered it, please share with us your wit and wisdom on doing homework. If not, remember, you are not alone.

On a brighter note, I am convinced this will be all a faded memory and it is part of a character building program. I also know that my boys are bright and energetic and once they get it, they get it. So I just need to be patient along the way. (She says to herself as she remembers her deep breathing exercises.)