Thursday, July 13, 2006

Summer - Argh!

Okay, well I am not really complaining. I am just sitting here in my house with several fans running and wondering when I can get my house work done. My husband, very lovingly, commented yesterday that it was a disaster. I know he didn't ask about if I was out of bon bons, but I couldn't help but wonder if he thinks that is what I do all day.

As I think about my days, which include getting my boys to camp, working with clients, running errands, helping my husband with his business, shopping for food, preparing meals, getting boys cleaned (daily?), fitting a shower in for me every now and then and whatever other duties as assigned, I wonder when will have time to thoroughly get my house clean up. So, I will continue to ponder as I sit here and figure out how will I be on a 2:00 conference call while I am supposed to be picking up my boys at 2:00. Hmm.