Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What a night!

After months of planning, it finally came. Women's Network brought in Soni Dimond to present about Power Talk and her new book "Life's a Pitch." She was great, the food was good and there was a great atmosphere. There was tons of stuff that she said that I really appreciated, and what I enjoyed most was one saying: "Don't build me the clock, just tell me the time." That statement alone was worth the price admission. How many times have I been talking to my husband (I process verbally, so it takes me a while to figure it all out) and my husband who is technical in nature wants me to just get to the point. The good news is he loves me any way and I also love him for being so direct and to the point. We have to embrace the differences for it is in this that we can come together to appreciate what we have in common.