Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dream a big Dream . . .

Wow, I got this video from Vic Johnson, one of my mentors and I just had to share it with you. Please take a minute and watch it. If you are a mush ball like me, grab a box of tissues and enjoy. Just remember, anything is possible if you just believe. The video - Living your Dream.

Friday, June 15, 2007

A new day is coming!

Okay, so it was not the greatest day. I was feeling a bit manic. I am learning a lot about myself, and the one thing I am learning is that I need my space. I need solitude, and I need it during times when I have energy, not at the end of the day when I am spent like a wet rag. I love my kids, and I love my space.

Summer time is particularly hard to get enough of the me time I require. So I have to rethink my summer and come up with a plan. I know I will find a way. Next week we start camp and that will help a lot. The boys will burn off some needed energy and I will have some time. I have hope in my moments of darkness. I realize this is just a brief blip on the screen and time moves oh so quickly.

As I sit here and write, I enjoy the quiet of the night. The sound of peace and comfort in knowing my boys are enjoying a good nights sleep and dreaming of chasing fire flies at night. Life is good and lessons are hard. Now it's off to bed, a great book and my own slumber.

Siblings -- Argh!!!

If anyone out there is reading, can you tell me how you get two boys to stop fighting. One is almost 7 and the other is 5. One minute they love each other, the next it's fireworks. I just want to lock them in their rooms till they go off to college. Any and all words of wisdom are welcome.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

When is school starting?

The kids have only been off a week, and I am already counting the days until the first day of school. What is going on? Two weeks ago, I was so excited about getting my boys home all to myself. Now I feel somewhat frazzled. Okay, Tom has been sick for four days of his first week off. I have been under a lot of stress because of my friend Sameh and his situation. But will they ever stop pushing each other's buttons. I feel more like a referee than a mom. Calgon take me away.

Camp starts on Monday, I know I will feel much better then. So will they. They need more activities and structure and lots of play. Until then, it's going to take a lot of patience, some deep breaths and a visit to Borders to unwind.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Save Sameh

Is it me or is the world gone crazy. My friend who came to this country after fleeing for his life. He got off the plane bleeding and beaten, needing stitches so he was taken to the hospital and then based on our lovely immigration system (yes that was sarcasm) he was immediately put in INS detention which by the way is in a maximum security prison. After 8 long years and he finally he was release under the grounds of CAT. What the means is Convention Against Torture. In short, if he is sent back to Egypt he will definitely be tortured and most certainly be killed. While he has been out he has gotten a very respectable job, takes care of his mother and sends money to his family still suffering in Egypt. He has never taken a dime from the Government in the way of public assistance or subsidies. He has been involved in his community and loved by all the meet him. Then one day, the day after memorial day, he walks in to sign in as has done for the last year and some months, only to find out that he was put back in prison and being deported to Egypt. Why, because Egypt has agreed not to torture him (said tongue in cheek). Please pray for Sameh and his family as we work feverishly to stop this atrocity and the inhumanity of this situation. We know for a fact that a paper signed to not torture will not stop what is short of a death sentence for Sameh.