Thursday, November 03, 2005

Having My Cake and Eating it Too

Yes, being a mom is rewarding. I get the kisses and I love yous. Tonight my 3-year old said to me "Mom, you're the bestest cook ever." And that was over a cup of tomato soup. And my other son who is 6 tells me I am his best friend.

And if it doesn't get better than that, I get to be a business owner as well. I help take care of my clients, consult and teach and schmooze with abandon.

Now, I am not saying life is perfect. I have my share of glitches. I am a work in progress. The good news is that I am stopping to smell the roses while I pick up the garbage. We all have stuff to deal with. In fact, I heard a great quote at a meeting the other day that truly spoke to me. A client of ours heard it at a conference from a man in a wheel chair who was dealing with the challenges he is facing. He said: "Pain and suffering are inevitable, misery is an option." Wow.