Tuesday, May 02, 2006

When one door closes open a window

So when last I wrote I had just come off my high of helping create a new event at our school. We are already planning the next one. It's going to be bigger and better and this time it will be in the fall so our moms can start there holiday shopping early. We also have had Spring Break, some holidays and got through Winter. The big news was last Monday when I decided to shift careers and re-think my business plans. I realized I was not living my passion. My work became that, work. I loved helping my clients, yet it did not seem to fit me. Then two things happened, one of my associates shared some insight he had with his prospects which gave me a glimpse of an idea of a need. And, I met with my "mastermind group" buds. They really showed me I was missing the boat. I was wasting all my talent. So here I am again, about to head into Summer and launching a new business. Hmm, so what was I thinking. Yes, I closed the one door, but that's okay, I am already climbing out the window. And yes, I am reaching for the stars. I'll keep you posted!!!