Friday, November 11, 2005

An Evening of R & R - Where do I sign up???

We just had a pretty productive Parent's Association meeting and at the meeting we decided to plan an event that would serve both as a fund raiser and outreach to the moms of our kids. I got so excited I offered to help, and thus Becca and I became the coordinators of this event. So what was I thinking? It was purely selfish. I really want this event to happen so if you really want something to happen, you might as well do it yourself.

The idea is to have an evening of relaxation. We will have substantial hor dourves, and some spa like activities there as well as some vendors that will nourish the soul. It is a soft fund raiser geared toward creating a community. We hope to bring out the moms that normally don't participate, to enjoy a night out without the kids. Wish us luck. And, if you are reading this and have done something like this, feel free to offer suggestions. If you were to come out to an evening of relaxation, what would you like to be there.