Monday, July 24, 2006

Thank Goodness for the Village

It is amazing what a few good people can get done, in particular a resourceful mom. I guess that's what a "streetsmartmom" is all about.

I live in a great town, but I am hours away from any family that can help me. So over the years I have come to depend upon a few good friends who have become my "village." Today was a great example. I had my first Get Clients Now! seminar. I was very nervous. On top of that, I had to be an hour from home at 7:45 am. My kids did not have to be at camp till 9:00. My husband was willing to help, but was concerned about taking time off because he is already taking Thursday off to help me. So in came Kathleen, my trusted villager. I got up early and had everything ready including the boys dressed, bags packed and car seats ready to go. Jim took the handoff and dropped off the boys to Kathleen. Then Kathleen carried on with the boys.

So what did this mean to me? I was off to my seminar and confident my boys were being well taken care of. Peace of mind, what is that worth! It helps me feel confident that I am in a position to take care of my boys who are loved and nurtured, and I can grow my business.