Wednesday, April 16, 2008

From the mouths of boys

I have to share these awesome and funny moments with my boys.

First, Thomas is reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It's all the rage at school. He tells me this joke from the book that just tickled his fancy. You know it has to do with funny noises or body parts. In the book a boy says to his doctor (by way of a comic that is drawn in the book) "Doctor I need a new butt." The doctor says "Why?" The boys say, "Mine has a crack in it." Ba rump bum.

Well you can imagine the chuckles that brought our household including my 5-year old, David. Of course we coached him on not sharing this joke with his classmates in school who are not ready for such grown up humor. Speaking of David, he decided to become a vegetarian this weekend. I informed him that would be fine, but he would have to eat enough vegetables and protein so he would have a good diet. He was ok with that. Then I made ham steak last night, his favorite. He said "Mom, why did you have to make my favorite meat when I decided to become a vegetarian?" Well it was just too cute. We of course worked through that event.

My last story for this post is about a joyous moment at Dairy Queen. Tom had a cool night with a church group of older kids. David was feeling a bit deflated because he could not go. So I offered to have a special treat of Dairy Queen. He ordered a special waffle cup filled with his favorite, chocolate/vanilla swirl and multi-colored sprinkles. He ate the ice cream in no time flat. I suggested he eat the waffle cup on the way home. As I strapped him into the car for our ride home, he had the most joyous, innocent look in his face. He said to me, "Oh the sweet life."

Now you understand why my life, though filled with challenges, is focused on joy.