Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Can you smell the air?

Oh, I am really enjoying this time of year. We are experiencing a real Spring. The air is fragrant and not too hot. The evenings are still cool. There was just a evening shower, and I can smell the moist earth. I never noticed this stuff before. I love that I have learned to take time, even with all the stresses out there, to smell the air.

I sat at the ball field and watched my oldest son play baseball. It was great. Tom was on his game. I not only was able to take in the game, but think about a new product/offering I am putting together for my business. I put it out to the universe; what I wanted to accomplish and sat there with a pad, and waited for Divine inspiration. Every time an idea came, I jotted it down. I know in no time I will have my ideas all put together so I can create something awesome. And still I had time to watch Tom hit a double, tag someone out at third and come home on an RBI. How cool is that?